Valid and reliable norm-based assessment measures interests and aptitudes for emerging and high-replacement occupations.

Enhances career and educational planning including career development portfolios, transition plans, Individualized Education Programs (IEP), and employee training and retention plans.

Powerful and flexible reporting system includes Counselor Report, Assessment Profile and Summary Report.  Recommendations are tied to GOE/DOT, O*NET, and U.S. Department of Education’s Career Cluster/Pathway System.

Updated occupational databases consistent with O*NET and Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) taxonomy.

Easy to complete, administer, and score. Self-administered; completion in 60 minutes or less; reports summarize data for quick analysis.

Incorporates physical performance scores including motor coordination and dexterity.

Effective for diverse audiences.
Accommodation options include Audio delivery, English with Spanish text, and untimed delivery.

Flexible to fit the way you work.
Licensed and metered plans available. Can assess one person or an entire group simultaneously.