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You can contact VRI Technical Support by calling 800-874-5387 or sending an e-mail to

Please have the following information on hand when contacting technical support:

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  • Portal URL
  • Browser Version
  • Error message

CareerScope Online FAQ

Problem: I can’t login. I get the message “Invalid User ID or Password

There are a few reasons that this error may occur:

1. The evaluee is going to the wrong website address.
Solution: Verify that you typed the correct URL.

2. The evaluee is going to the wrong website address. This can happen when enter the Assessment Portal web address in a search engine like Google or Bing. You do not want to search for the Assessment Portal address.
Solution: You need to type the website address in the web address bar at the top of the browser window, and not in any search bar.

3. The evaluee is going to the correct website address but typed his User ID and/or Password incorrectly.
Solution: The User ID and Password are case-sensitive and the evaluee must type them exactly as they were created.

4. The Executive, Administrator, or Specialist is trying to login to the Assessment Portal instead of the Management Portal.
Solution: The User ID and Password for managers are only valid in their Management Portal. The manager User ID or Password will not work in the Assessment Portal.

5. If the login problems continue, clear the browser cache and try to login again.

Problem: The assessment is not allowing me to self-register. When I create my User ID and Password nothing happens, the screen just refreshes.

1. The evaluee is trying to use a User ID that has already been used in this portal. Duplicate User IDs are not permitted in a portal.
Solution: If the evaluee must use a particular User ID that may already be in use, then capitalize one of the letters in the User ID when you create it (since all User IDs and Passwords are case-sensitive). If this is not possible, then you will need to create a different User ID.

2. The evaluee is using special characters in his User ID or password.
Solution: Evaluee User IDs and Passwords may contain letters, numbers, underscores, or periods, and are case sensitive. You may not use any other special characters.

3. The evaluee’s User ID or Password is too long.
Solution: The UserID and Password must be no longer than 20 characters.

Problem: The assessment is not letting me move forward after the speed trial.

Solution: Most likely the evaluee didn’t have enough correct responses to move to the next section. The Speed Trial requires the evaluee to select the black circle at least 15 times within 30 seconds in order to move forward.

Problem: I answered all the questions in an aptitude section and I clicked “forward” but the assessment won’t move to the next section.

Solution: The aptitude tasks are timed. You cannot move forward to the next task until the time for a particular section is up, even if you completed all of the questions in the section. Below are the times for each aptitude task.

Object Identification 1 minute
Abstract Shape Matching 2 minutes 30seconds
Clerical Matching 1 minute 15 seconds
Pattern Visualization 5 minutes
Computation 5 minutes
Numerical Reasoning 7 minutes
Word Meanings 2 minutes 15 seconds