Ordering Information

All orders should be made out to Vocational Research Institute, LLC.

VRI Sole source letter is available here.

Tax-exempt organizations must include an exemption certificate with each order; otherwise, sales tax will automatically be added to all orders.

Purchase orders should be made out to:

Vocational Research Institute, LLC
18221-D Flower Hill Way
Gaithersburg, MD 20879
Federal ID# 32-0615884
Phone: (800) 874-5387

Orders may be also be sent via email or fax to:

E-mail: orders@vri.org
Fax: (215) 875-0198 

If your organization does not use purchase orders, we must receive an e-mail stating this, along with the following information: item(s) being ordered, price, “ship to” address, “bill to” address, and authorized purchaser name and contact information.

Invoices may be paid via credit card, check, or EFT.

Shipping & Handling:  There is a minimum $25 charge, but actual charge depends on your distance from Philadelphia and mode of shipping.  Shipments within the contiguous 48 states are made via FedEx Ground or US Postal Service.  Shipments sent outside the contiguous 48 states are made via air transport.   Expedited shipping is available upon your request for an additional charge.