OccuBrowse+® Option Now Available!  CareerScope results can be easily imported into OccuBrowse+, providing real-time occupational information including performance demands and descriptors, employment and wage data, occupational outlook projections, links to job openings, and more.

Measures critical interests and aptitudes for emerging careers through a norm-based assessment.

Enhances career and educational planning
including career development portfolios, transition plans, Individualized Education Programs (IEP), and employee training and retention plans.

Runs on any computer with Internet access
— requires no software installation or IT support. 

Powerful and flexible reporting system
includes Counselor Report, Assessment Profile and Summary Report. Recommendations are tied to GOE/DOT, O*NET, and U.S. Department of Education’s Career Cluster/Pathway System.

Easy to complete and administer.
Written at a 4th-grade reading level and includes simple instructions and consistent presentations.

Accommodation options include
Audio delivery, English with Spanish text, and untimed delivery.

Improves outcomes
in school guidance and counseling, career and technical education, workforce development, vocational and community rehabilitation, Veterans Administration Services, and corrections and post-corrections education.

OccuBrowse+ is a registered trademark of SkillTRAN, LLC