Fourteen of our Goodwill Career Solutions Centers have been using CareerScope for 4 years and conduct over 6000 administrations per year.  Our counselors find the data output to be compelling and at the same time easy to explain…Identifying participants’ interests and aptitudes is a powerful combination.

Matt Gloster, Senior Director of Career Solutions
Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee, Inc.

As part of our facility’s requirements, we have each student complete a CareerScope assessment before they begin our careers class….This is a remarkable program that helps transition our students into the world of work.

Brenda Boyarski, Transition Coordinator
McCracken Regional Juvenile Detention Center – Paducah, KY

Before CareerScope, we could only assess interest. CareerScope allows us to see the whole picture — both interest and aptitude — so that we can target the most realistic and promising career paths.

Sandy Ring, Assistant Director of Student Life
Muskegon Community College – Muskegon, MI

Unquestionably, CareerScope is the best practice in interest and aptitude assessment.  I’ve used it for 16 years and not only are the results valuable, but it keeps my students engaged and excited to see their reports.

Jeanie Bragg, High School Career Counselor

For me, Career Scope is a tool that guides students towards occupations which allow them to capitalize on their strengths…. Career Scope helps marry interest with aptitude to enable me to discuss career choices with a student where they will have an increased opportunity for success. Being able to show students that their strengths help make them more suitable to a particular career naturally creates “buy in” from the student.

Patti McConnell, Student Success Coordinator, Florida State College at Jacksonville